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“Up, civil unrest!” (an Easter-ish reflection)

You may have come across the popular Easter-themed worship song “O Praise The Name (Anástasis)”. I like the song, but I’m amused that someone felt the need to add that biblical Greek subtitle. For those like me not fluent in … Continue reading

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All together at the cross

Good Friday – Christ crucified. After nearly 2000 Good Fridays can there be anything fresh to say about the cross (and does there need to be)? One understanding of Good Friday is that on the cross, God – the Lord, … Continue reading

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The Penitent Thief – a Good Friday reflection

A friend recently asked me who is the one person other than Jesus who we know to be in heaven, if we believe the gospel record. There may be other possible answers, but perhaps the clearest is the Penitent thief, or the Thief on … Continue reading

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The cross as symbol and reality

The cross. Such a potent symbol, pregnant with a million meanings, yet at the same time so ubiquitous and universal that it loses its impact. So what is the cross a symbol of? It is not a symbol of power, … Continue reading

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The cross of Christ and the Myth of Redemptive Violence

“Do you know why humans like violence? Because violence feels good” (Spoken by character of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game) This is continuing a series about anger, violence and war from a Christian perspective. Last time I looked at Christ’s … Continue reading

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Rage, violence and Jesus – the cleansing of the Temple

So we’re approaching Good Friday and Easter again. Does the story of Christ’s ‘Passion’ fill you with joy or dread, neither, maybe both? The Passion story is undeniably a bloody and violent one. I’m no great fan of Mel Gibson’s … Continue reading

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Suffering II – extraordinary suffering, and ‘good’ suffering

“The thread of suffering runs so deeply through the fabric of our existence that were it pulled free the remnant would unravel beyond recognition.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine Last time I suggested that some suffering may simply be a … Continue reading

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Good Friday: the day God became an atheist

I’ve written plenty before about Good Friday – about the death and triumph of love, about the historical and spiritual reasons Jesus died, about whether Christ suffered so we don’t need to, and about how on earth we can call … Continue reading

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Good Friday Waiting

I wrote this poem 15 years ago after a Maundy Thursday experience of what C.S. Lewis would have called Joy, or Sehnsucht. I was blissfully unemployed at the time, and was walking home through the park from giving a guitar … Continue reading

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