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Moving on from old models of reality

When I was a child I thought like a child; when I became an adult, I put childish things away… In third-year chemistry at school we were taught that electrons orbit the nucleus of their atom in concentric ‘shells’ rather … Continue reading

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Science and belief

Over the last couple of posts I’ve been responding to Paula Kirby’s pair of anti-religion articles recently published in The New Hibernian. One other issue that she raises in passing deserves a post to itself, as it’s one that comes up … Continue reading

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Born to believe? Evidence and equivocality

I caught the tail end of a Radio 4 Today snippet the other day, with a psychologist or scientist of some sort discussing the idea that children are naturally predisposed to belief in God. I haven’t been able to find … Continue reading

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Wonders of the Universe – Entropy wins?

Sorry for the hiatus in posting… I’m still recovering from turning 38 at the weekend. 😉 This post is therefore a little out of date now, but when you’re talking about the Universe and Deep Time who’s counting a few … Continue reading

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Atheism/agnosticism 3: Theism best of all (part i)

This is the final post in the series: Atheism okay; Agnosticism better; Theism best of all. I’ve split this post in two because it’s turned out kind of long. Drum roll… and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, … Continue reading

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