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Was God’s will done in the US election result?

Like many, I’m still reeling from the US election result. Right now, and from right here, the world’s future looks more uncertain and more troubled than ever. God clearly didn’t answer my prayer not to let Trump be elected president, … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God just save everyone? II: Arminianism and Universalism

So last time I was looking at the Calvinist idea that God could sovereignly choose to save or redeem everyone, but doesn’t, for whatever mysterious reason. I said that though this view has some scriptural backing, there are other Bible passages … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God just save everyone? (or does he?)

I talked last time about why I’d stopped trying so hard to ‘save’ everyone, or to impart to them a particular version of the gospel message about Jesus saving them from their sins. These next 2 posts follow on from this, but … Continue reading

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Does God know the future?

This follows on from the last piece on whether God has a ‘perfect plan for our lives’. Part of how we answer that depends on another question – how much of the future does God know? How much has he … Continue reading

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Does God have a Perfect Plan For Your Life?

While we’re still in the first flush of the New Year, making plans with the blank page of the future open before us, it’s maybe worth considering this question. It’s become a kind of evangelical evangelistic cliché: ‘God loves you … Continue reading

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TULIPS are not the only flower – Calvinism, predestination and all that

Last time I said that, while not the out-and-out baddy I’d always thought, John Calvin would probably never be my favourite theologian. In particular I take issue with Calvin’s slightly scary brand of inerrancy-based logical theology with its doctrines of … Continue reading

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John Calvin – hero or villain of the faith?

If you were putting together a Christianity’s Hall of Shame – those who’ve done most harm in the name of Christ, and brought Christianity into disrepute – who would top your list? Corrupt, power-hungry medieval popes? Colluders with evil regimes, … Continue reading

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Understanding fundamentalists

In the previous post I was reacting emotionally against ultra-conservative evangelicals. For the sake of fairness I’d like to redress this a little with a more measured and balanced follow-up. (Besides which, we do have some good UCCF-ish friends who … Continue reading

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Suffering and sovereignty

Here’s an edited version of an email I sent today to one of the Purpose Driven Life (TM) daily devotional authors, a teaching pastor at Saddleback Church. (I signed up for these emails several years ago and haven’t bothered to … Continue reading

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