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Why Christian truth is messy

However carefully formulated, our written doctrines, theologies and moral codes don’t and can’t convey the fullness of Christian truth. That’s partly because words aren’t up to the job, as I said last time. But even more it’s because Christian truth … Continue reading

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The Bible – truly perfect and perfectly true?

So, many Christians assume that the Bible must be perfect because it is (they believe) God’s Word, and God cannot lie or make mistakes; his word cannot be less than flawless (Psalm 12:6). This has led to the doctrine of … Continue reading

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Right belief or renewed life? – Reclaiming orthodoxy from the orthodox

This picks up on some comments on the previous post, around the nature of orthodoxy. So this time within the vaguely Lenten framework I want to look at giving up orthodoxy – or rather letting go of an unhelpful misconception … Continue reading

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Truth matters… but what is truth?

This continues on from the previous post (Evidence and equivocality), which finished with a plea for Christians to reach across battle lines to love and listen to each other. Some of the bitterest battles are between Christian and Christian In … Continue reading

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Born to believe? Evidence and equivocality

I caught the tail end of a Radio 4 Today snippet the other day, with a psychologist or scientist of some sort discussing the idea that children are naturally predisposed to belief in God. I haven’t been able to find … Continue reading

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Love yourself or die to self? Christianity and counselling

This post isn’t just for those who are engaged (as I am) in the process of psychological counselling, but for any who are on a journey of self-discovery and of learning to understand, love and accept themselves, warts and all. … Continue reading

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Justice, mercy and the love of God

I’m taking a short diversion away from Universalism, but only down a parallel street to look at related issues of justice and mercy. Conventional wisdom has it that justice means getting what you deserve, mercy means not getting what you … Continue reading

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