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When God joined the optimists – an Easter reflection

Which is the proper attitude towards life and the universe we live in – optimism or pessimism? For the pessimist, the world is ultimately ruled by Sod’s or Murphy’s Law, the principle that anything that can go wrong will go … Continue reading

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Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God

I said that Good Friday was the death of religion and the end of theology. It was, in a sense, the last day of the old order; the death of all that had been true and real and important till … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Insurrection

Have you heard the news? Apparently archaeologists have just discovered a new scroll dating to around 30AD, with a fragment of the end of Matthew’s gospel containing the words: “Verily I say unto you, I was only kidding…” Happy April … Continue reading

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Why did Jesus die? Part II – the spiritual reasons

Last time we looked at the human and historical reasons why Jesus ended up on a cross. But, on a theological or spiritual level, did he really have to die? Why? Couldn’t God have ushered in his Kingdom in some … Continue reading

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Resurrection reflection – why don’t the accounts match up (and does it matter)?

I remember when, as a good evangelical about 17 years ago, I read all four resurrection accounts as a devotional exercise. Instead of being uplifted and inspired however, I was disturbed and confused because the four accounts seemed to be … Continue reading

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Easter – all’s well that ends well

Easter! The Great Sunrise, the first light of dawn after the longest and darkest night; the first day of spring after the bitterest and most barren winter. The world shines new on Easter morn, a world reborn and renewed. Easter … Continue reading

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Books: Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright

‘What are we waiting for? And what are we going to do about it in the meantime?’ These are the central questions which Wright sets out to tackle in this typically intelligent, inspiring and challenging book about the importance of Easter, and how we’ve too often missed or misunderstood its message. Continue reading

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Walking in darkness – Reflections on Holy Saturday

It’s Holy Saturday as I write this paragraph, but by the time I publish it another Easter Day will have come and gone again. And life for most of us will probably continue in much the same way, with the … Continue reading

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Good Friday – the death and triumph of love

It’s Good Friday today. A day like any other, looked at one way. A day when injustice triumphs, when the weak and poor are trampled by the strong and rich; when the freedom-preaching dissidents and troublemakers are crushed by the … Continue reading

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