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Why I might still believe in hell (sort of)

Or to give it a more accurate but less snappy title, Why I might still very reluctantly just about believe in some qualified form of what we might call ‘hell’, though nothing like the traditional fiery version. Recently I talked … Continue reading

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Why Christian truth is messy

However carefully formulated, our written doctrines, theologies and moral codes don’t and can’t convey the fullness of Christian truth. That’s partly because words aren’t up to the job, as I said last time. But even more it’s because Christian truth … Continue reading

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God is love, light and life

So reality, relationship and redemption are at the heart of what it’s all about for me. Another pleasingly alliterative way of expressing these interconnected ideas is light, life and love. They don’t map exactly, but broadly speaking light relates to … Continue reading

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Religion = 2. Relationship and Redemption

So I was saying that the heart of true religion for me is the pursuit of reality. It seems to me that the world we experience bears the marks (however damaged and disguised) of reason, goodness, beauty and love. These … Continue reading

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Authenticity vs obedience?

Should we do good, serve God and love others as a duty because we owe it to God? Or should we only do it if we can do it gladly, authentically and ungrudgingly, out of genuine love and gratitude? Should … Continue reading

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Spiritual insights from Harry Potter

In my previous piece on Harry Potter, I only scratched the surface of the books’ riches. There’s so much of spiritual interest and benefit in the stories that it would take a book to explore it. But I’ll fit as … Continue reading

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Everything is meaningless…?

I’ve been getting a bit nihilistic recently, talking about ‘embracing the void’ and saying that we can’t know anything for certain. So let’s go for the ultimate: everything is meaningless and pointless. Schopenhauer? Nietzsche? No, the Bible of course. It’s … Continue reading

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Some things I’ve learnt about God from being a dad

Potter and clay, king and subject, teacher and student – there are so many biblical metaphors for the relationship between God and us. More intimately, God is pictured as our friend, even (shockingly) our spouse or lover. But the most … Continue reading

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Is God nasty? (or why love isn’t always lovely)

Last time I was looking at two contrasting views of human nature. In this post I’d like to look at how love tackles human flawedness. Sorry, it’s another long one. I’ve met several people who believed that the core message … Continue reading

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