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God bless Greenbelt

I’m really not a natural camper, so it takes something pretty amazing to persuade me to spend 3 nights under canvas, away from the comforts of home and forced to use frankly horrible toilets. This August bank holiday, that pretty … Continue reading

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Why imagination is great (and why many evangelicals don’t like it)

I’ve written before about the dichotomy between Truth and Love, and I suggested (perhaps unfairly) that Truth was a more evangelical concern, whereas liberals are perhaps more concerned with Love. And there’s a similar dichotomy between imagination and rationality, or … Continue reading

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Bored of ‘Christian’ things?

Do you ever just feel bored of church, of endless services week after week, of hymns and worship songs, of prayers and liturgy you could say in your sleep, of Bible study and quiet times, of meetings and missions and … Continue reading

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Incarnation and imagination – and a defence of Christmas carols

In my friend’s church, they apparently won’t sing any carols that mention snow or three kings or other non-biblical additions to the Nativity story. All their Christmas songs have to be scripturally and historically accurate. Now I see this as … Continue reading

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The horrors and joys of Christmas music

Hooray! It’s time for my annual Christmas rant. This year it’s Christmas music in the firing line. I love and I hate Christmas music. I love carols (well, most of them), and a small selection of other seasonal pieces (mainly … Continue reading

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Why Harry Potter is not Satanic

Okay, I know that all the Harry Potter controversies flared up and died aeons ago. But I’ve long wanted to write about it, and I have the excuse that it’s vaguely back in the religious news, with ‘The Teenage Exorcists’ … Continue reading

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A bad week to be male – Jimmy Savile and other terrible tales

There was a lot of terrible stuff in the news last week (7-13 Oct 2012). The 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai shot by Taliban militia for promoting education for girls. The shocking abduction and murder in Wales of 5-year-old April … Continue reading

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Moving beyond the ‘Christian’ label

When I was a new Christian, I eagerly devoured anything with a ‘Christian’ label or prefix: Christian books, Christian music, Christian radio, Christian festivals and conferences, Christian clothes and accessories. (I also ‘Christianised’ household articles by slapping a fishy sticker … Continue reading

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‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, Evil, and the impact of Incarnation

I mentioned in my ‘Hating the God you Love’ post that I’d recently watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. While not a ‘Christian’ film, it has a deeply Christian underlying message, and enough theology to keep you going for … Continue reading

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