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‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ vs. we’re all miserable sinners?

I’m okay, you’re okay is of course the title of the classic 1960s psychology self-help bestseller by Thomas A. Harris. But isn’t it a complete heresy, a contradiction of the fundamental doctrine of human sinfulness – a proof of how … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a fruit and nut case – Christianity and mental health

It was very encouraging and not a little surprising to hear ministers in Parliament recently talking openly about their own experience of mental health difficulties (15 June 2012). One spoke of his obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); another of his battle … Continue reading

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Is Atheism the True Embrace of Reality?

Has anyone else read Paula Kirby’s recent pieces in The Hibernian Times, ‘Atheism is the True Embrace of Reality’ and the follow-up ‘Breaking out from the Prison of Religion’? If not, do have a read. A good atheist friend and … Continue reading

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Okay to be gay? Homosexuality and Christianity

Views on homosexual practice hugely divide Christians. I’m largely agnostic (and perhaps a little ignorant) on the subject so I’m trying to take a balanced view, looking at issues of nature, nurture and norms, at psychology and morality, and re-assessing some of the Bible passages that have been used to condemn gay sex. In the end I believe this is a matter for individual conscience and we need to respect and listen to each other’s differing perspectives. Continue reading

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Love yourself or die to self? Christianity and counselling

This post isn’t just for those who are engaged (as I am) in the process of psychological counselling, but for any who are on a journey of self-discovery and of learning to understand, love and accept themselves, warts and all. … Continue reading

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Humility, repentance and self-esteem

“You are descended from the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve, which is honour enough to lift the head of the humblest beggar and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest Emperor”. Well, something like that anyway. A … Continue reading

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