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God bless you, Vicky Beeching

For those of you who are thinking ‘Vicky who?’ let me give some brief background. Vicky Beeching – acclaimed Christian singer-songwriter, worship leader, Oxbridge-qualified theologian, contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day programme. Currently in her mid-thirties, Vicky … Continue reading

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Okay to be gay? part II

Some time ago I wrote a massive 3500+-word post ‘Okay to be gay?’, which I naively hoped would cover all the major points in the debate about homosexuality and Christianity. It didn’t, not by a long chalk. So here’s a … Continue reading

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Christian rights vs gay rights?

…or, should we be able to express beliefs and exercise moral conscience in the workplace? So last week we heard about four Christians from the UK taking cases to the European court of human rights about unfair dismissal, relating to the … Continue reading

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Okay to be gay? Homosexuality and Christianity

Views on homosexual practice hugely divide Christians. I’m largely agnostic (and perhaps a little ignorant) on the subject so I’m trying to take a balanced view, looking at issues of nature, nurture and norms, at psychology and morality, and re-assessing some of the Bible passages that have been used to condemn gay sex. In the end I believe this is a matter for individual conscience and we need to respect and listen to each other’s differing perspectives. Continue reading

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Reflections on Kenyan Christianity

I’ve recently returned from two weeks in Kenya with the family, as part of a church team visiting and working with the RUSH project. It was a mind-blowing if knackering experience, and our team have blogged about it pretty exhaustively … Continue reading

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