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Covid questions – 3. What kind of God would send a pandemic?

Last time I was looking at whether pandemics and plagues are sent by God to punish sin, and concluded that (even in the Old Testament) the picture is a lot more complex than that. So did God actively send coronavirus … Continue reading

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Covid questions – 2. Is it sent by God to punish sin?

Last time I was saying that one common religious response to strange and difficult times (such as our current Covid-19 situation) is to see them as a sign of the End Times – and that some people even find this … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God magically sort out our problems?

Way back last time I was looking at miracles, and the problems both of being overly cynical about the miraculous or overly reliant on it. This follows on from a slightly different angle. First, a question. If you knew God … Continue reading

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More things to hold onto in hard times

Picking up from where we left off last time… 4. There is always hope “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” When we’re in the midst of the dark night it can … Continue reading

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Things to hold onto in hard times

Last time I was suggesting ways we might respond to times of global trouble such as now. But what about responding to the times of trouble in our own personal lives? I keep coming back to suffering, because it bothers … Continue reading

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The Ebola crisis and the abode of Christ

I had what I’d like to think of as a divine mishearing at church the other day. I was sure at first that the person leading the prayers had said ‘Let’s pray about the abode of Christ’. It took me … Continue reading

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Three cheers for an Archbishop who admits doubts

In a light-hearted but personal interview in front of hundreds of people in Bristol cathedral last weekend, [Archbishop] Justin Welby said: “There are moments, sure, where you think ‘Is there a God? Where is God?’”. ( So Archbishop of Canterbury … Continue reading

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Suffering IV – Why doesn’t God just rescue us?

One of the hardest questions around suffering is why God often doesn’t rescue us from our troubles when we so desperately want and ask him to. We plead with him and implore him, with tears and sometimes for years on … Continue reading

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Suffering III – the man born blind

‘As Jesus walked along he saw a man who had been blind from birth. “Master, whose sin caused this man’s blindness,” asked the disciples, “his own or his parents’?” “He was not born blind because of his own sin or … Continue reading

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