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Suffering III – the man born blind

‘As Jesus walked along he saw a man who had been blind from birth. “Master, whose sin caused this man’s blindness,” asked the disciples, “his own or his parents’?” “He was not born blind because of his own sin or … Continue reading

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Spiritual insights from Harry Potter

In my previous piece on Harry Potter, I only scratched the surface of the books’ riches. There’s so much of spiritual interest and benefit in the stories that it would take a book to explore it. But I’ll fit as … Continue reading

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Faith and the absence of God

Faith and the absence of God Is faith the magic quantity that prevents bad stuff from happening? Or is it the quality that enables us to survive and grow when bad stuff does happen? Is faith what guarantees us a … Continue reading

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I don’t know, I’m not sure and I may be wrong

So Lent began today. I’m not giving up anything like chocolate, but I do have a sort of Lenten theme, which is letting go, stripping back and setting aside in order to move on. In this post I’m looking at … Continue reading

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Science and belief

Over the last couple of posts I’ve been responding to Paula Kirby’s pair of anti-religion articles recently published in The New Hibernian. One other issue that she raises in passing deserves a post to itself, as it’s one that comes up … Continue reading

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Breaking out from the prison of religion? Comfort, faith and ritual

Way back over a week ago in my previous post I was looking at Paula Kirby’s fascinating article ‘Atheism is the True Embrace of Reality’. Sorry for the delay in posting – work has a terrible habit of getting in the way. … Continue reading

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Atheism/agnosticism 3: Theism best of all (part ii)

Continued from part i so if you’re just arriving do skip back… The person and teaching of Christ My biggest reason for accepting theism is simply the unique person, character, life and teaching of Jesus Christ as recorded in the … Continue reading

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My faith journey

If we’re going to walk virtually together a few steps, it might help to know a little about how I got to where I am on my stumbling ramble (or rambling stumble) of faith. So far it’s been a journey … Continue reading

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