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More music for Good Friday

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but in my view a good piece of music can be worth a dozen pictures. Amusingly-named musicologist Chris Dingle goes further and posits that music is the language of God (and argues from … Continue reading

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Music, sorrow and hope

This is kind of a Good Friday post, but I’m putting it up a bit early as I’ve got other things planned for Good Friday… Tragedy transfigured – Concierto d’Aranjuez One of my favourite childhood pieces of classical music was Joachim … Continue reading

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Incarnation and imagination – and a defence of Christmas carols

In my friend’s church, they apparently won’t sing any carols that mention snow or three kings or other non-biblical additions to the Nativity story. All their Christmas songs have to be scripturally and historically accurate. Now I see this as … Continue reading

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TEL-approved Christmas music ;)

Okay, this may be a little off-topic for the blog. But sometimes music can be the purest theology, or something. Last time I said there was plenty of good Christmas music if you know where to look. Fortunately, these days … Continue reading

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The horrors and joys of Christmas music

Hooray! It’s time for my annual Christmas rant. This year it’s Christmas music in the firing line. I love and I hate Christmas music. I love carols (well, most of them), and a small selection of other seasonal pieces (mainly … Continue reading

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Lord I want… (aka shameless vote-for-me plug)

Two things I sometimes do in my spare time are write the odd song (emphasis on odd), and lead worship (=charismatic jargon for choosing bunch of songs and then forcing congregation to repeat them till either they fall under the … Continue reading

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And did those feet? ‘Jerusalem’, patriotism and the Kingdom of God

Neatly tying together the recent British royal wedding and the varying US/UK reactions to Osama bin Laden’s death, I thought I’d take a look at issues of patriotism and Christianity using the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ (with a bit of G.K. Chesterton thrown … Continue reading

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