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Religion = Reality + Relationship + Redemption

So what’s the nub of religion (or faith, or spirituality) for you – what’s it all about? Is it  about religious observance and believing the right things, or leading a decent life, or getting to heaven and avoiding hell, saving … Continue reading

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Should we accept reality or should we fight it?

…that is the question: whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? Hamlet God grant me the courage to … Continue reading

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The reality gap

So, good brothers and sisters in our Lord, we’re Christians saved by grace, Amen? We’ve been filled with God’s Spirit to develop in Christ’s character, love each other with Christ’s love, lead victorious lives of prayer and righteousness and good … Continue reading

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Self-denial or denial of self? (or how to become truly human)

Christians often make much of the concept of self-denial, of submitting your own wishes and even needs to those of others and/or to the will of God. We quote various Bible passages to back this up: ‘Whoever wants to be … Continue reading

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Salvation II – the Return of the ‘Re’ words (redemption, renewal, reality etc)

Hmm, might need to work on that title before presenting the movie pitch. Last time we were looking at what salvation means and whether ‘salvation’ is the most helpful word to use. We exhausted my stock of relevant Greek and … Continue reading

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Born to believe? Evidence and equivocality

I caught the tail end of a Radio 4 Today snippet the other day, with a psychologist or scientist of some sort discussing the idea that children are naturally predisposed to belief in God. I haven’t been able to find … Continue reading

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The world as sacrament: the Reality behind reality

Before moving on to new subjects, I’d like to stay briefly with some themes that came up in the recent theism post and which are increasingly central to my whole view of Christian spirituality. The Reality behind reality Over the … Continue reading

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