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Please don’t let Trump in!

I’m not sure if this is more a heartfelt last-ditch appeal to the good people of America, or a desperate prayer to God. I’m not really expecting this blog to make a difference – but I have to do something, … Continue reading

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Letter to America – use your vote for all of us

As a rule I avoid politics in this blog. I’m not sure politics and theology mix too well, and I think I’m better as a theological writer than a political commentator. I also don’t kid myself that this blog has … Continue reading

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Christian responses to Osama bin Laden’s killing

So, what’s everyone making of the unfolding story of how Osama bin Laden was killed (or was it assassinated?), and of the widely varying reactions and responses to the news? I’m particularly interested in the difference between the ‘Christian’ response … Continue reading

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Rob Bell – Love Wins

Rob Bell was never a darling of the Ultra-Cons, but with Love Wins he’s fallen over the edge of their abyss, never to return. In this book Bell dares to explore and question the received biblical teaching on hell, what it might be and who might (and might not) go there, and to come up with some rather different ideas from the standard evangelical view. He also dares to question the received wisdom on how people get ‘saved’ and what this means anyway. Continue reading

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