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Last night I burnt the Bible

Before we go any further I need to put some warnings and caveats on this post! Firstly, it’s another poem, for which I apologise to all who understandably hate poetry. Secondly, it’s not a particularly good poem. It doesn’t rhyme … Continue reading

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The reality gap revisited – banning ‘should’ and ‘ought’

I’m not generally in favour of banning anything. Nonetheless, in my view ‘should’ should be removed from the dictionary, and ‘ought’ ought to be banned. 😉 We’ve probably all heard countless well-meaning Christian talks telling us what we ‘should’ (or … Continue reading

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Why did Jesus die? Part I – the historical reasons

Over the next 3 posts in the run up to Good Friday and Easter, I want to look at Jesus’ death on a cross, and specifically the question – why did Jesus die? There are many ways of answering this … Continue reading

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Why blasphemy shouldn’t be a crime

‘You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God’ (Exodus 20:7) Blasphemy’s been in the news a fair bit recently. But what actually is blasphemy, and should it be a crime under national or international law? The word … Continue reading

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Blessing the blasphemers – an appeal to respond to human hate with God’s love

So an as-yet unidentified crazy bigot has put out a poorly-made video insulting Islam and the prophet Muhammad. The almost inevitable result has been outrage in the Muslim community, seemingly sparking riots, violence and (so far) the killings of four … Continue reading

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