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Coping with our faith crises

One of the problems with the usual model of spiritual or religious development we’ve inherited is that it too often places the ‘spiritual crisis’ only in the past – ‘I was lost, now I’m found’. So we’re allowed the single … Continue reading

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An experience of divine absence

No, this isn’t a post about Brexit, though it does feel strangely appropriate under the circumstances. In the past I’ve written about an experience of grace, a time when I felt a deep and unexpected sense of God’s goodness towards … Continue reading

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Cynical about miracles?

A friend recently sent me a miraculous news story reported in Christianity Today magazine. It tells of a modern day Road to Damascus conversion, an Islamist leader hell-bent on killing Christians until his life was transformed by miraculous visions of … Continue reading

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Three cheers for an Archbishop who admits doubts

In a light-hearted but personal interview in front of hundreds of people in Bristol cathedral last weekend, [Archbishop] Justin Welby said: “There are moments, sure, where you think ‘Is there a God? Where is God?’”. (www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/sep/18/archbishop-canterbury-doubt-god-existence-welby) So Archbishop of Canterbury … Continue reading

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Uncertainties, and what to do with them

When I was a new Christian there were a lot of things I desperately wanted to know the answer to. And I thought that if I read lots of Christian books and listened to lots of sermons and talks, I’d … Continue reading

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I don’t know, I’m not sure and I may be wrong

So Lent began today. I’m not giving up anything like chocolate, but I do have a sort of Lenten theme, which is letting go, stripping back and setting aside in order to move on. In this post I’m looking at … Continue reading

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What if we’re wrong…?

What if the Bible isn’t the inspired, inerrant Word of God? What if we’re completely wrong about the Trinity, or about Jesus’ divinity/humanity, or about the atonement, or about the virgin birth, or about heaven and hell, or about any … Continue reading

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Book write-ups: Whistling in the Dark by Frederick Buechner

Subtitled ‘A doubter’s dictionary’, Buechner’s book is directed to doubters both outside and inside the church. Buechner has the qualities of kindness, humanity and honesty, coupled with an ability to write searingly incisive, richly poetic prose. And he knows that it is not just in the sacred, the religious and theological that grace is to be found – it is in the ordinary and the everyday. Continue reading

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