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Music, sorrow and hope

This is kind of a Good Friday post, but I’m putting it up a bit early as I’ve got other things planned for Good Friday… Tragedy transfigured – Concierto d’Aranjuez One of my favourite childhood pieces of classical music was Joachim … Continue reading

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On shutting out the light

I am the great sun, but you do not see me, I am your husband, but you turn away… (Charles Causley) Last time I was asking how we’d respond if the worst were to happen. Would we hate God forever? … Continue reading

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The Philippines typhoon, John Tavener and the problem of pain

I’ve been half-consciously avoiding blogging about the Philippines typhoon. What else can anyone say that hasn’t been said? How can we express the sadness and awfulness of it all, and the helplessness and even guilt which we comfortable western watchers … Continue reading

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Life as tragedy and comedy

I didn’t originally intend this as a reflection for Remembrance Sunday, but I happen to be posting it today and it seems strangely appropriate… If all the world is a stage and each of us merely players, what kind of … Continue reading

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Good Friday?

Good Friday. What on earth is good about it; in what possible non-ironic sense can it be called anything but utterly bad? This is a day of deepest tragedy, of horror and casual (even routine) brutality, of humiliation and suffering, … Continue reading

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