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Why I am (not) an evangelical / charismatic / liberal / atheist / Anglo-Catholic…

With thanks and apologies to Pete Rollins and Brian McLaren for nicking ideas from their book titles… Throughout my life there have been many influences on my religious outlook from a variety of streams and denominations. I’ve benefited from a … Continue reading

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Truth matters… but what is truth?

This continues on from the previous post (Evidence and equivocality), which finished with a plea for Christians to reach across battle lines to love and listen to each other. Some of the bitterest battles are between Christian and Christian In … Continue reading

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Emerging from the evangelical chrysalis

Two of my favourite book titles are The Christian Agnostic and The Orthodox Heretic. Both express a paradoxical condition: believing while being radically uncertain; holding long-established beliefs while being radically unorthodox. As the father of the epileptic boy said to Jesus, … Continue reading

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