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The cross as symbol and reality

The cross. Such a potent symbol, pregnant with a million meanings, yet at the same time so ubiquitous and universal that it loses its impact. So what is the cross a symbol of? It is not a symbol of power, … Continue reading

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Is Jesus the Son of God?

And if so, what does that really mean? As we approach advent and the annual celebrations of Jesus’ birth, I think these are questions worth thinking about. I remember a moment in my earlier days as an evangelical Christian when … Continue reading

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If Jesus had been in marketing

And now (at the risk of blasphemy) for something completely different… Imagine the scene. Near Galilee, c.32AD. Meeting of Jesus and disciples, in an IKEA-furnished upper room. Jesus is speaking… Right everyone! Monday morning team meeting. Judas, have you printed … Continue reading

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Christianity and Masculinity

I’m sure many of you have now at least heard of the book A Year of Biblical Womanhood, the tongue-in-cheek record of US blogger Rachel Held Evans’ twelve months of rigid adherence to the Bible’s many rules and prescriptions for … Continue reading

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Blessing the blasphemers – an appeal to respond to human hate with God’s love

So an as-yet unidentified crazy bigot has put out a poorly-made video insulting Islam and the prophet Muhammad. The almost inevitable result has been outrage in the Muslim community, seemingly sparking riots, violence and (so far) the killings of four … Continue reading

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Salvation III – What must I do to be saved?

Over the last two posts I’ve been looking at what salvation means; what we’re saved from and to. But how are we saved; what are we saved by? And what if anything do we contribute to the process; what part … Continue reading

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Water and wine: alternatives to extremism

Moderate religion is good, right? It’s the alternative to fundamentalism and fanaticism and extremism and all those other nasty things that we reasonable, sophisticated modern (or post-modern) people wouldn’t be seen dead supporting. That’s certainly what I’ve thought for a … Continue reading

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