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Suffering II – extraordinary suffering, and ‘good’ suffering

“The thread of suffering runs so deeply through the fabric of our existence that were it pulled free the remnant would unravel beyond recognition.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine Last time I suggested that some suffering may simply be a … Continue reading

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When the very worst happens

In recent posts I’ve been looking at questions around God’s leading and speaking, and God’s plans for our lives. But what happens when everything appears to have gone completely wrong, awry, off course? What are we to do when the … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, suffering and God

I originally wrote this piece in February 2010 when the terrible earthquake in Haiti had raised yet again the old question “how can anyone believe in an all-loving, all-powerful God in the face of horrendous natural disasters?” (or, for those … Continue reading

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Suffering and sovereignty

Here’s an edited version of an email I sent today to one of the Purpose Driven Life (TM) daily devotional authors, a teaching pastor at Saddleback Church. (I signed up for these emails several years ago and haven’t bothered to … Continue reading

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