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Re-habilitating (and recovering from) my own evangelicalism

Last time I was looking at some of the reasons why evangelicals get a bad press, often unjustly. I suggested that some dislike evangelicals because of their theology, their stance over certain issues, or because of feeling written off or looked … Continue reading

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Why imagination is great (and why many evangelicals don’t like it)

I’ve written before about the dichotomy between Truth and Love, and I suggested (perhaps unfairly) that Truth was a more evangelical concern, whereas liberals are perhaps more concerned with Love. And there’s a similar dichotomy between imagination and rationality, or … Continue reading

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Why I am (not), part II – charismatic / evangelical / liberal…

Last time I was looking at my Anglo-Catholic upbringing and subsequent late-teen explorations into atheism and alternative spiritualities.  When I came back to Christian faith in my early 20s, it was from a desperate sense of the need for ‘salvation’ … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – a 2012 retrospective and 2013 foretaste

Well, a very Happy New Year to you all! That’s assuming you’re going by the new-fangled Gregorian calendar, and not celebrating the year’s start on one of the many other equally plausible dates from the (say) Julian, Chinese or Islamic … Continue reading

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Liberal or evangelical?

I’ve been looking at evangelicals; now it’s the liberals’ turn. Liberal Christianity is, almost by definition, much broader and more diverse than evangelicalism. Its origins are in the philosophical and religious thought that emerged from the 18th-century Enlightenment. Liberal Christianity … Continue reading

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Book write-ups: Whistling in the Dark by Frederick Buechner

Subtitled ‘A doubter’s dictionary’, Buechner’s book is directed to doubters both outside and inside the church. Buechner has the qualities of kindness, humanity and honesty, coupled with an ability to write searingly incisive, richly poetic prose. And he knows that it is not just in the sacred, the religious and theological that grace is to be found – it is in the ordinary and the everyday. Continue reading

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Emerging from the evangelical chrysalis

Two of my favourite book titles are The Christian Agnostic and The Orthodox Heretic. Both express a paradoxical condition: believing while being radically uncertain; holding long-established beliefs while being radically unorthodox. As the father of the epileptic boy said to Jesus, … Continue reading

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