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Moving beyond the ‘Christian’ label

When I was a new Christian, I eagerly devoured anything with a ‘Christian’ label or prefix: Christian books, Christian music, Christian radio, Christian festivals and conferences, Christian clothes and accessories. (I also ‘Christianised’ household articles by slapping a fishy sticker … Continue reading

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Poem: For the space of a dream

I. For the space of a dream For the space of a dream all nature holds its breath, Transfixed, to witness: to behold the city’s strange transfiguration – City of concrete and commerce transformed to heaven’s gold by sunset’s alchemy, … Continue reading

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What’s it all about? – Stumbling towards purpose

I had an Ecclesiastes moment yesterday afternoon as I was walking home from work – a sudden sense of the absurdity and futility of human life in general and all my efforts in particular. The feeling was brought on by … Continue reading

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The world as sacrament: the Reality behind reality

Before moving on to new subjects, I’d like to stay briefly with some themes that came up in the recent theism post and which are increasingly central to my whole view of Christian spirituality. The Reality behind reality Over the … Continue reading

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Streams of faith

Following on from stages of faith, another idea I’ve found helpful is that of streams of faith. According to this view there are a number of ‘streams’, pathways, traditions or expressions of faith within the overall Christian church, and each … Continue reading

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