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Stages, streams and paradigms of faith; moving from pre-critical to mystical faith

Coping with our faith crises

One of the problems with the usual model of spiritual or religious development we’ve inherited is that it too often places the ‘spiritual crisis’ only in the past – ‘I was lost, now I’m found’. So we’re allowed the single … Continue reading

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Re-habilitating (and recovering from) my own evangelicalism

Last time I was looking at some of the reasons why evangelicals get a bad press, often unjustly. I suggested that some dislike evangelicals because of their theology, their stance over certain issues, or because of feeling written off or looked … Continue reading

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Stages of faith – the flight-path of a relationship

One of this blog’s central, recurring ideas is that faith has a life cycle with recognisable phases or stages (an idea originally developed by James Fowler). It’s an idea that’s helped and supported me through the experience of my own … Continue reading

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Why (not) to go to church

Having recently introduced Pete Rollins to you all, I feel at complete liberty to pinch his ideas (not that that ever stopped me before). Expressed in Rollinsian terms, the idea of this post is: “Church is the one place where … Continue reading

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Bored of ‘Christian’ things?

Do you ever just feel bored of church, of endless services week after week, of hymns and worship songs, of prayers and liturgy you could say in your sleep, of Bible study and quiet times, of meetings and missions and … Continue reading

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Towards a contemplative mind, or moving beyond facts

This is a follow-up to my previous post about moving on from old models of reality, in which I critiqued ‘evangelical modernism’ and suggested that our old paradigms need revising both in science and in faith. This time I’d like … Continue reading

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Moving on from old models of reality

When I was a child I thought like a child; when I became an adult, I put childish things away… In third-year chemistry at school we were taught that electrons orbit the nucleus of their atom in concentric ‘shells’ rather … Continue reading

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Why I am (not), part II – charismatic / evangelical / liberal…

Last time I was looking at my Anglo-Catholic upbringing and subsequent late-teen explorations into atheism and alternative spiritualities.  When I came back to Christian faith in my early 20s, it was from a desperate sense of the need for ‘salvation’ … Continue reading

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Why I am (not) an evangelical / charismatic / liberal / atheist / Anglo-Catholic…

With thanks and apologies to Pete Rollins and Brian McLaren for nicking ideas from their book titles… Throughout my life there have been many influences on my religious outlook from a variety of streams and denominations. I’ve benefited from a … Continue reading

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