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An experience of grace

I’ll confess that my life isn’t always characterised by the Deep Joy and Peace of the Lord™. I’m sure it will come as a surprise to hear that I don’t float around on a Christian cloud, enjoying unbroken fellowship with … Continue reading

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Listening to the silent God

I’ve been talking about God’s general plans for our lives. But what about the times when we feel we need more specific divine direction and guidance? Or to widen it out a little, how can we ever hear from a … Continue reading

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Future perfect vs. present imperfect (or two different kinds of real)

We live every day in the complex interplay and flux of two different realities, or kinds of reality. The first is the obvious, everyday here-and-now reality of this physical world; the ‘present imperfect’. It is this current realm in which … Continue reading

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Don’t read your Bible: the dark night and letting go

There’s an old Sunday school song which my wife grew up on (and which we recently discovered they were very fond of in Kenya), which goes: “Read your Bible, pray every day If you want to grow.” Now of course … Continue reading

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Walking in darkness – Reflections on Holy Saturday

It’s Holy Saturday as I write this paragraph, but by the time I publish it another Easter Day will have come and gone again. And life for most of us will probably continue in much the same way, with the … Continue reading

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Swearing at God

Yesterday evening I found myself trying out a novel style of praying, one which is unlikely to be found in the Alpha Course Prayer Manual. I was walking home across Blackheath, praying, and suddenly all my long-felt frustrations, hurts and … Continue reading

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