(Almost) all articles published on this blog, most recent first. Except that I quite often forget to update the list.

  1. An experience of encounter?
  2. Dear Stephen Fry, I like you, from God
  3. “I am” part II – the simplicity of God
  4. “I am who I am” – Naming the unnameable God
  5. Jesus is Charlie?
  6. 2014 – review of the year
  7. Christmas round-up
  8. The Incarnation: Why did God become human? (part II)
  9. The Incarnation: why did God become human? (part I)
  10. Is Jesus the Messiah – and does it matter?
  11. Is Jesus the Son of God?
  12. The Ebola crisis and the abode of Christ
  13. Should we accept reality or should we fight it?
  14. Why it’s (not) important what you believe
  15. Three cheers for an Archbishop who admits doubts
  16. God bless you, Vicky Beeching
  17. Suffering IV – Why doesn’t God just rescue us?
  18. Suffering III – the man born blind
  19. Suffering II – extraordinary suffering, and ‘good’ suffering
  20. What (and why) is suffering?
  21. Does liberal theology undermine Christian morality?
  22. Sin III: the positive side of sin?
  23. Sin II: the inner struggle
  24. What is sin (and does it matter)?
  25. Authenticity vs obedience?
  26. What use is Christianity?
  27. What use is the Bible?
  28. Why fundamentalism is not the true expression of religion
  29. Stages of faith – the flight-path of a relationship
  30. Stop arguing with atheists!
  31. Okay to be gay? part II
  32. The Successful Christian Life™ ?
  33. Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God
  34. Holy Saturday: the day God went to hell
  35. Good Friday: the day God became an atheist
  36. Good Friday Waiting
  37. More music for Good Friday
  38. Music, sorrow and hope
  39. Why (not) to go to church
  40. Uncertainties, and what to do with them
  41. Books: ‘How (not) to speak of God’, by Peter Rollins
  42. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…
  43. Last night I burnt the Bible
  44. On fasting – and slowing
  45. The first of Spring
  46. Bored of ‘Christian’ things?
  47. If Jesus had been in marketing
  48. On shutting out the light
  49. When the very worst happens
  50. An experience of grace
  51. Listening to the silent God
  52. What does God want you to do?
  53. Does God know the future?
  54. Does God have a Perfect Plan For Your Life?
  55. New Year – so what?
  56. The nightmare after Christmas – the dark side of the Nativity
  57. Incarnation and imagination – and a defence of Christmas carols
  58. TEL-approved Christmas music 😉
  59. The horrors and joys of Christmas music
  60. In memoriam Nelson Mandela
  61. The reality gap revisited – banning ‘should’ and ‘ought’
  62. The way to freedom and why so few choose it
  63. The Philippines typhoon, John Tavener and the problem of pain
  64. Life as tragedy and comedy
  65. I am not a Christian…
  66. Madeleine McCann and the character of God
  67. An October Gloria
  68. Spiritual insights from Harry Potter
  69. Why Harry Potter is not Satanic
  70. What to make of The Teenage Exorcists?
  71. Faith and the absence of God
  72. The reality gap
  73. New Wine 2013 – reflections on a charismatic conference
  74. The minefields of money and marketing
  75. In praise of humility
  76. Evangelical Truth vs Liberal Love?
  77. The offence of the gospel, or just being offensive?
  78. Religion, addiction and obsessional neurosis
  79. Spiritual warfare – moving beyond demons in the closet
  80. Towards a contemplative mind, or moving beyond facts
  81. Moving on from old models of reality
  82. Why I am (not), part II – charismatic / evangelical / liberal…
  83. Why I am (not) an evangelical / charismatic / liberal / atheist / Anglo-Catholic…
  84. Jesus is for losers – or why Christianity will never be cool
  85. Sceptical Innocence – how to avoid gullibility without becoming a cynic
  86. The Resurrection Insurrection
  87. Why did Jesus die, part III – did he suffer so that we don’t have to?
  88. Why did Jesus die? Part II – the spiritual reasons
  89. Why did Jesus die? Part I – the historical reasons
  90. Everything is meaningless…?
  91. Embracing the void
  92. Right belief or renewed life? – Reclaiming orthodoxy from the orthodox
  93. Quiet Christianity – Moving beyond words
  94. I don’t know, I’m not sure and I may be wrong
  95. Beyond badge-wearing and flag-waving
  96. Stages of faith – Moving beyond easy answers
  97. Stuff I’ve learnt about God (and myself) from having kids
  98. Some things I’ve learnt about God from being a dad
  99. Why bother – why not just give up on faith?
  100. New Year reflections – On several kinds of change, and two kinds of new
  101. Questioning Christmas: The Star of Bethlehem
  102. Questioning Christmas – was Jesus really born of a virgin?
  103. The End of the World ISN’T Nigh…
  104. The Sandy Hook tragedy: a response
  105. Questioning Christmas – the gospel accounts
  106. Is the Bible sexist, and if so should we be too?
  107. Christianity and Masculinity
  108. Men and women aren’t exactly the same (hooray!)
  109. Women bishops in the C of E
  110. How does God interact with the world? Part II – panentheism, incarnation and parenthood
  111. How does God interact with the world?
  112. Does God intervene? (Deism, divine sovereignty and human freedom)
  113. Letter to America – use your vote for all of us
  114. A bad week to be male – Jimmy Savile and other terrible tales
  115. Future perfect vs. present imperfect (or two different kinds of real)
  116. Did Jesus have a wife – and does it matter?
  117. Why blasphemy shouldn’t be a crime
  118. Accepting insult and criticism – free speech and religious hatred
  119. Blessing the blasphemers – an appeal to respond to human hate with God’s love
  120. Christian rights vs gay rights?
  121. Christianity and inclusivism – do all paths lead to God?
  122. Bible-reading lessons from Sherlock and Father Brown
  123. ‘It’s not as simple as that’ – Moving beyond the either/or
  124. Moving beyond Goodies and Baddies
  125. Moving beyond the ‘Christian’ label
  126. Self-denial or denial of self? (or how to become truly human)
  127. Personality and spirituality
  128. ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ vs. we’re all miserable sinners?
  129. Everyone’s a fruit and nut case – Christianity and mental health
  130. TULIPS are not the only flower – Calvinism, predestination and all that
  131. John Calvin – hero or villain of the faith?
  132. Salvation III – What must I do to be saved?
  133. Salvation II – the Return of the ‘Re’ words
  134. Salvation part I
  135. Final thoughts on final things
  136. Hell as unreality and unrelationship
  137. Does anyone deserve hell?
  138. Hope in Hell (is hell eternal, hopeless and punitive?)
  139. Hell – an overview
  140. Is God nasty? (or why love isn’t always lovely)
  141. Towards a relational understanding of sin and everything
  142. Remembering Millie – tragedy transformed
  143. Understanding fundamentalists
  144. Not against heresies – disagreeing with conservatives
  145. Resurrection reflection – why don’t the accounts match up (and does it matter)?
  146. Easter experience – when theology meets reality
  147. Easter – all’s well that ends well
  148. Good Friday?
  149. Maundy Thursday: The longest night
  150. Christianity is for bad people
  151. When Rowan Williams came to church
  152. Politics for dogs – DC, the EU and the NT
  153. Consigning Christendom to history
  154. Why Christians should listen to atheists
  155. Liberal or evangelical?
  156. What is an evangelical?
  157. ‘Daddy, why was Abraham holding a knife to Isaac’s throat?’
  158. What if…?
  159. To legalise or not to legalise?
  160. The Morality of Mortality – Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the right to die
  161. Merry Christmas and bah humbug
  162. What the devil is the devil?
  163. The forces of chaos and the forces of life (2) – life, light and love
  164. The forces of chaos and the forces of life – an advent reflection (1)
  165. Chance, choice and God
  166. Superstition II: Do words have power?
  167. Everybody’s superstitious
  168. Healthy and unhealthy religion
  169. Should Christians celebrate Halloween?
  170. Do you believe in miracles?
  171. ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, Evil, and the impact of Incarnation
  172. On the side of the heretics?
  173. Is God homicidal?
  174. Hating the God you love (and loving the God you hate)
  175. 9/11 plus 10
  176. Challenging evangelical preoccupations: sin, scripture, soul-saving (and some others)
  177. Reflecting on the riots and the reactions
  178. Getting angry with God
  179. In Memoriam John Stott
  180. The News of the World and my part in its downfall
  181. The abortion question
  182. Science and belief
  183. Breaking out from the prison of religion? Comfort, faith and ritual
  184. Is Atheism the True Embrace of Reality?
  185. Trimming the Archbishop’s tongue: Should Christians stay out of politics?
  186. Okay to be gay? Homosexuality and Christianity
  187. Truth matters… but what is truth?
  188. Born to believe? Evidence and equivocality
  189. Don’t read your Bible: the dark night and letting go
  190. It’s the end of the world as we know it – Rapture and ridiculousness
  191. Books: Chrysalis by Alan Jamieson
  192. More to Christ than just the cross
  193. Poem: For the space of a dream
  194. What’s it all about? – Stumbling towards purpose
  195. Water and wine: alternatives to extremism
  196. And did those feet? ‘Jerusalem’, patriotism and the Kingdom of God
  197. Killing in the name of – Christianity and the death penalty
  198. Christian responses to Osama bin Laden’s killing
  199. Love yourself or die to self? Christianity and counselling
  200. Books: Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright
  201. Finding God in the rubbish
  202. Walking in darkness – Reflections on Holy Saturday
  203. Good Friday – the death and triumph of love
  204. Rob Bell – Love Wins
  205. Wonders of the Universe – Entropy wins?
  206. Bible’s buried secrets?
  207. The world as sacrament: the Reality behind reality
  208. Atheism/agnosticism 3: Theism best of all (part ii)
  209. Atheism/agnosticism 3: Theism best of all (part i)
  210. Atheism/agnosticism 2: Agnosticism better…
  211. Atheism/agnosticism 1a: Christian atheism
  212. Atheism/agnosticism 1: Atheism okay…
  213. Earthquakes, suffering and God
  214. Animism vs Atheism
  215. Jürgen Moltmann and universalism
  216. P.T. Forsyth and Thomas Torrance in relation to universal salvation
  217. Can Evangelicals be Universalists? (Derek Tidball)
  218. Reflections on Kenyan Christianity
  219. Humility, repentance and self-esteem
  220. Suffering and sovereignty
  221. Justice, mercy and the love of God
  222. Is Universalism an Evangelical option?
  223. My faith journey
  224. Swearing at God
  225. Who’s afraid of the big bad fundamentalists?
  226. Book write-ups: Whistling in the Dark by Frederick Buechner
  227. Book write-ups: Godzone by Mike Riddell
  228. Paradigms lost – Christianity and post-modernism
  229. Streams of faith
  230. The life cycle of faith – stages of spiritual development
  231. Emerging from the evangelical chrysalis

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