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The Bible – a question of interpretation?

I’ve said I don’t believe the Bible to be perfect or inerrant in the ways Christians have often assumed. But even if it were somehow perfect in its original form (whatever that is), we can never actually access that original … Continue reading

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Why do many people not like evangelicals?

Evangelicals are much nicer than people think If you bump into one then your heart shouldn’t really sink They’re really lovely guys Who just aren’t keen on compromise So change the subject if doctrinal issues should arise… Thus begins a … Continue reading

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How do we know what true Christianity is?

or, Whose orthodoxy is the right one? There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether Islamic State militants are truly Islamic. They of course claim to be the true representatives of Islam, but mainstream Muslims argue that I.S. absolutely … Continue reading

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Why fundamentalism is not the true expression of religion

Many people view fundamentalists as the real representatives of religious belief. That’s certainly what Richard Dawkins seems to think, along with some of my good New Atheist friends. I can see the reasoning. Fundamentalists are the ones who apparently take … Continue reading

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Moving beyond Goodies and Baddies

‘I am the Sheriff of Carshalton. Are you a goody or a baddy? If you’re a baddy, I’ll shoot you.’ So spoke my 5-year old self, dressed in a cowboy sheriff’s outfit and wielding a plastic pistol. That was over … Continue reading

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Understanding fundamentalists

In the previous post I was reacting emotionally against ultra-conservative evangelicals. For the sake of fairness I’d like to redress this a little with a more measured and balanced follow-up. (Besides which, we do have some good UCCF-ish friends who … Continue reading

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Not against heresies – disagreeing with conservatives

Succumbing to a burst of vain curiosity the other day, I googled ‘evangelical liberal’ to see if this blog was anywhere to be found. As so often with the internet, I stumbled on something else that caught my attention instead: … Continue reading

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Truth matters… but what is truth?

This continues on from the previous post (Evidence and equivocality), which finished with a plea for Christians to reach across battle lines to love and listen to each other. Some of the bitterest battles are between Christian and Christian In … Continue reading

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Water and wine: alternatives to extremism

Moderate religion is good, right? It’s the alternative to fundamentalism and fanaticism and extremism and all those other nasty things that we reasonable, sophisticated modern (or post-modern) people wouldn’t be seen dead supporting. That’s certainly what I’ve thought for a … Continue reading

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