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Suffering II – extraordinary suffering, and ‘good’ suffering

“The thread of suffering runs so deeply through the fabric of our existence that were it pulled free the remnant would unravel beyond recognition.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine Last time I suggested that some suffering may simply be a … Continue reading

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What (and why) is suffering?

“What sort of world is this? It is a world shot through with matchless beauty yet witness at the same time to intolerable pain.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine The undeniable fact of suffering in the world – and in … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Insurrection

Have you heard the news? Apparently archaeologists have just discovered a new scroll dating to around 30AD, with a fragment of the end of Matthew’s gospel containing the words: “Verily I say unto you, I was only kidding…” Happy April … Continue reading

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What the devil is the devil?

Sorry, not a very seasonal topic (though Santa is an anagram of Satan, and Christmas shopping is fairly hellish). But in recent posts I’ve been looking at superstition, bad luck, cursing and chaos. Let’s cut to the chase. Is there a … Continue reading

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The forces of chaos and the forces of life – an advent reflection (1)

Sometimes life feels utterly empty, meaningless; even the light seems dark and the sun fails to warm. Instead of the open gate of heaven, the sky just seems blank, sealed-up; prayers seem to die on your lips and fall useless … Continue reading

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Superstition II: Do words have power?

‘Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself,’ Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling). One of my very good friends recently expressed concerns about his kids using the killing curse from Harry Potter, ‘Avada kedavra!’, in play. … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, suffering and God

I originally wrote this piece in February 2010 when the terrible earthquake in Haiti had raised yet again the old question “how can anyone believe in an all-loving, all-powerful God in the face of horrendous natural disasters?” (or, for those … Continue reading

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