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Good Friday: the day God became an atheist

I’ve written plenty before about Good Friday – about the death and triumph of love, about the historical and spiritual reasons Jesus died, about whether Christ suffered so we don’t need to, and about how on earth we can call … Continue reading

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Books: ‘How (not) to speak of God’, by Peter Rollins

I started this review over 3 years ago. Perhaps the length of time I’ve taken to complete it is an indication of how difficult it is to sum up this book in words… or perhaps it’s just a sign of … Continue reading

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Listening to the silent God

I’ve been talking about God’s general plans for our lives. But what about the times when we feel we need more specific divine direction and guidance? Or to widen it out a little, how can we ever hear from a … Continue reading

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Embracing the void

This is the sort-of culmination of my recent Lent posts on letting go of old certainties and moving on into a new and as yet unknown space. I once wrote a scathingly satirical (though not particularly good) poem about an … Continue reading

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