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When Rowan Williams came to church

I’ve long been interested in Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury for the last ten years (though sadly not for much longer). He’s had many critics in both the evangelical and liberal wings of the Anglican church; the liberals predictably feeling … Continue reading

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Trimming the Archbishop’s tongue: Should Christians stay out of politics?

In my last post I mentioned the Serious Debate over whether Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams should trim his eyebrows… since his remarks on the UK government in this week’s New Statesman some are now thinking he should trim his tongue … Continue reading

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And did those feet? ‘Jerusalem’, patriotism and the Kingdom of God

Neatly tying together the recent British royal wedding and the varying US/UK reactions to Osama bin Laden’s death, I thought I’d take a look at issues of patriotism and Christianity using the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ (with a bit of G.K. Chesterton thrown … Continue reading

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Christian responses to Osama bin Laden’s killing

So, what’s everyone making of the unfolding story of how Osama bin Laden was killed (or was it assassinated?), and of the widely varying reactions and responses to the news? I’m particularly interested in the difference between the ‘Christian’ response … Continue reading

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Books: Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright

‘What are we waiting for? And what are we going to do about it in the meantime?’ These are the central questions which Wright sets out to tackle in this typically intelligent, inspiring and challenging book about the importance of Easter, and how we’ve too often missed or misunderstood its message. Continue reading

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