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Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God

I said that Good Friday was the death of religion and the end of theology. It was, in a sense, the last day of the old order; the death of all that had been true and real and important till … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Insurrection

Have you heard the news? Apparently archaeologists have just discovered a new scroll dating to around 30AD, with a fragment of the end of Matthew’s gospel containing the words: “Verily I say unto you, I was only kidding…” Happy April … Continue reading

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Good Friday – the death and triumph of love

It’s Good Friday today. A day like any other, looked at one way. A day when injustice triumphs, when the weak and poor are trampled by the strong and rich; when the freedom-preaching dissidents and troublemakers are crushed by the … Continue reading

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Rob Bell – Love Wins

Rob Bell was never a darling of the Ultra-Cons, but with Love Wins he’s fallen over the edge of their abyss, never to return. In this book Bell dares to explore and question the received biblical teaching on hell, what it might be and who might (and might not) go there, and to come up with some rather different ideas from the standard evangelical view. He also dares to question the received wisdom on how people get ‘saved’ and what this means anyway. Continue reading

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Atheism/agnosticism 3: Theism best of all (part i)

This is the final post in the series: Atheism okay; Agnosticism better; Theism best of all. I’ve split this post in two because it’s turned out kind of long. Drum roll… and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, … Continue reading

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