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Why it’s (not) important what you believe

Writing this blog I get to interact with a lot of people with widely differing beliefs – ranging from straight-down-the-line evangelicals to deists, agnostics, atheists and even the occasional pagan, with pretty much every other shade of belief and unbelief … Continue reading

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Right belief or renewed life? – Reclaiming orthodoxy from the orthodox

This picks up on some comments on the previous post, around the nature of orthodoxy. So this time within the vaguely Lenten framework I want to look at giving up orthodoxy – or rather letting go of an unhelpful misconception … Continue reading

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Not against heresies – disagreeing with conservatives

Succumbing to a burst of vain curiosity the other day, I googled ‘evangelical liberal’ to see if this blog was anywhere to be found. As so often with the internet, I stumbled on something else that caught my attention instead: … Continue reading

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On the side of the heretics?

I might (appropriately enough) be committing grave heresy –  even blasphemy – in saying this, but I wonder if Christ has always been more on the side of the heretics and blasphemers than that of the Guardians of Orthodoxy, Correct … Continue reading

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