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Is anger wrong?

“You have heard it said, Do not murder… But I tell you, whoever is angry with a brother will be subject to judgement” (Matthew 5:21-22) In the last two posts I’ve been looking at the place of violence and rage … Continue reading

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The cross of Christ and the Myth of Redemptive Violence

“Do you know why humans like violence? Because violence feels good” (Spoken by character of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game) This is continuing a series about anger, violence and war from a Christian perspective. Last time I looked at Christ’s … Continue reading

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Why it’s (not) important what you believe

Writing this blog I get to interact with a lot of people with widely differing beliefs – ranging from straight-down-the-line evangelicals to deists, agnostics, atheists and even the occasional pagan, with pretty much every other shade of belief and unbelief … Continue reading

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Sin II – the inner struggle

So as I started to say last time, there seems to be an essential, elemental struggle within us between what we want to do and who we want to be; between our good aspirations and our innate and often unhelpful … Continue reading

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What is sin (and does it matter)?

Over the next few posts I’d like to take a closer look at two of the most troubling and controversial topics in Christian theology – sin and suffering. As a recovering evangelical, I hesitate to talk about ideas of ‘sin’ … Continue reading

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What does God want you to do?

So we’ve looked at whether God has a plan for your life, and whether he sees or even sets the future. Let’s get right down to the practical nitty-gritty. What does God actually want us to do? Now I’m not … Continue reading

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The nightmare after Christmas – the dark side of the Nativity

One of the things I do for work is to schedule ‘on this day in history’ tweets vaguely relating to our broad subject area. We’ve currently got an exhibition on about the artist J.M.W. Turner, and so I’ve been researching … Continue reading

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The reality gap revisited – banning ‘should’ and ‘ought’

I’m not generally in favour of banning anything. Nonetheless, in my view ‘should’ should be removed from the dictionary, and ‘ought’ ought to be banned. 😉 We’ve probably all heard countless well-meaning Christian talks telling us what we ‘should’ (or … Continue reading

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The way to freedom and why so few choose it

‘Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, then come, follow me’ We all want freedom, right? And freedom is precisely what Christianity offers. ‘It was for freedom that Christ has set us free’. Simple. So why … Continue reading

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