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The Bible – the Good Book, or a very bad book?

Before we get to inerrancy and inspiration, I’d like to look at the worst stuff in the Bible and the terrible uses Scripture has sometimes been put to. From one viewpoint, the Bible is a deeply troublesome set of books … Continue reading

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‘Daddy, why was Abraham holding a knife to Isaac’s throat?’

This happy question was put to me recently by my (at the time) 5-year-old son. We were listening to a Michael Rosen poem about his childhood memories of being told Bible stories with the aid of coloured chalks, and of … Continue reading

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Is God homicidal?

How do Christians square Old Testament bloodshed with the God who is Love? In my last post I ranted about the awfulness of atrocities depicted in the Old Testament, and questioned the character of the God who seemed to approve … Continue reading

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Hating the God you love (and loving the God you hate)

I’ve written before about swearing at God, and getting angry with God. But what do you do when, as a Christian, you feel passionate hatred and even revulsion towards God? I see myself as a worshipper; a longing for God … Continue reading

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