I write the odd tune (emphasis on odd) when I get a spare moment, so it’s just as well I don’t get too many spare moments. As I can’t get WordPress to let me embed audio files without paying for an upgrade (grr), I’ll content myself with the ones I’ve made lo-fi videos for, plus some links to more songs on another site. Do have a listen and let me know what you think. But only if you like them.



7 Responses to Songs

  1. Susanna says:

    Wow well done Harvey – I didn’t know you were quite so talented!! Very creative and original songs, nothing quite like what I’ve heard before, which is always unusual. Very artistic with the music videos too…especially like the sunglasses…
    So, when’s the album coming out?


  2. Gary says:

    just found you and this site. From US, the south, very conservative evangelical background, and have left that “port” while staying in the stream of Christianity, so glad to find such a common mind about a more liberal point of view. Liked the songs, couldn’t help but think of all the contemplative/spiritual/romantic songs of Dan Fogelberg(to the morning, ever on, along the road, nexus, lost in the sun) I think you’re younger than me (50) but they’re worth a try. And, the surprising streams of thought you express so resonate with this southerner! would love to hang out and discuss many topics!


    • Hi Gary, really good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words – not many people have commented on my songs yet so that’s particularly encouraging! I look forward to checking out Dan Fogelberg. 🙂

      I’m a few timezones (and a few thousand miles) away in old England, but it’s always great to know that there are like-minded people across the globe and even in the conservative evangelical heartlands of the US! I hope you’ve been able to find some kind of church or group where you feel more at home spiritually. From other comments I’ve had I know that there are a lot of others out there who are emerging from more fundamentalist evangelicalism into something more free and open, both in the US and the UK.

      Very best wishes,


      • Gary says:

        thanks for the reply! embarking on this part of my spiritual journey has many interesting tensions, mainly pitting my 35 years of conservatism, which took me through PCA denomination, highly reformed, to high church, almost catholic, to charismatic-light, to now this. It’s really refreshing. Don’t forget the Fogelberg stuff!


  3. Julie Weller says:

    HI Harvey. I just had to share first of all, that I wrote a blog for a long time that I titled Considering Color. Same concept of stepping back for a more accurate perspective of faith and God and Christianity than the black/white of fundamentalism. Admittedly, I only listened to You’re so Atlantic. But I LOVE it. It is so powerful to me that you can create new music. I have a hard time, like a traumatically hard time, just hearing hymns played that I remember singing when I was submerged in this belief system that caused me so much pain. so, thank you! thank you for the New.

    As a child I grew up in church, Christianity, and Christian authority in home and church. I existed in fear, depression, family secrets, emotional neglect and abuse, trauma. As a young adult I would grieve the loss of many in whom I’d seen hope. and the loss of my foundation, all “the truth” I ever “knew”, the “fundamental truth” which I was taught to hold to, as it was all I would ever need. I knew, as those desperately warning me knew, that just one itch, one thoughtful mind, could shake the whole truth. a matter of my life or death. It didn’t matter what question, or how tormented I was, I was to obediently and happily bear it. But deep inside my soul, the question had already been asked. When I dared look back, I saw the shaky foundation collapsed. I thought, no turning back, but I prayed again, to God for peace that the truth handed to me was Truth. Instead, God led me to a peace about my questioning in an amazing life-changing journey. enough for now…. living in colorful world


    • Dear Julie, thank you so much for your fantastic and fascinating comment. And I’m glad you like ‘Atlantic’! 🙂

      I’m really sorry to hear how damaging your experience with fundamentalism was, and I’m so glad that you’ve been able to break free and find a new path that affirms life and colour and diversity.

      In many ways I see fundamentalism as a straitjacket of the spirit, even a prison, trying to keep people safe from hell by locking them up in a narrow and fearful belief system. But God’s world and God’s life is so much bigger, better and more vibrantly colourful than that, and hell is the prison in our own soul, not some place that a vengeful God sends us for punishment.

      I believe that Christ’s message is (or should be) a truly liberating one, bringing life in all its fulness and beauty and richness of colour – and offering it to all. But all too often we’ve settled for a narrow version that excludes others and binds us up in rigid life-sapping doctrines.

      So God’s blessings to you on your journey into Christ’s colourful life!



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