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Uncertainties, and what to do with them

When I was a new Christian there were a lot of things I desperately wanted to know the answer to. And I thought that if I read lots of Christian books and listened to lots of sermons and talks, I’d … Continue reading

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Towards a contemplative mind, or moving beyond facts

This is a follow-up to my previous post about moving on from old models of reality, in which I critiqued ‘evangelical modernism’ and suggested that our old paradigms need revising both in science and in faith. This time I’d like … Continue reading

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I don’t know, I’m not sure and I may be wrong

So Lent began today. I’m not giving up anything like chocolate, but I do have a sort of Lenten theme, which is letting go, stripping back and setting aside in order to move on. In this post I’m looking at … Continue reading

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What if we’re wrong…?

What if the Bible isn’t the inspired, inerrant Word of God? What if we’re completely wrong about the Trinity, or about Jesus’ divinity/humanity, or about the atonement, or about the virgin birth, or about heaven and hell, or about any … Continue reading

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Chance, choice and God

Reflections on the interplay of divine will, natural chance and human freedom Johnm55 raised an interesting point in response to my recent superstition post. His point was that there is such a thing as luck, in the sense of random … Continue reading

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Truth matters… but what is truth?

This continues on from the previous post (Evidence and equivocality), which finished with a plea for Christians to reach across battle lines to love and listen to each other. Some of the bitterest battles are between Christian and Christian In … Continue reading

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Atheism/agnosticism 2: Agnosticism better…

This is the second in a trio of posts: Atheism okay; Agnosticism better; Theism best of all. No. 1 on atheism generated a minor firestorm from aggrieved atheists, so it will be interesting to see whether there are similarly militant … Continue reading

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