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Jesus is Charlie?

The ‘Je suis Charlie’ slogan and hashtag can hardly have escaped many people’s notice this last week. It arose in the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings, as a sign of support and solidarity – of personal identification with … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: Why did God become human? (part II)

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” John’s gospel “What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us?” Joan Osborne Last time I looked at some of the reasons why God may have chosen … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: why did God become human? (part I)

For me there are only two absolutely crucial miracles in Christianity, and they’re interlinked – the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Christ. In the first, God enters space-time and history and takes on our human nature, ‘humanising’ the deity. In … Continue reading

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Is Jesus the Messiah – and does it matter?

Last time I was asking whether Jesus was the Son of God. A slightly different question is whether he was also the Messiah (Hebrew Mašíaḥ) – or as translated into Greek, Khristós or Christ; literally ‘the anointed’. And the answer … Continue reading

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Is Jesus the Son of God?

And if so, what does that really mean? As we approach advent and the annual celebrations of Jesus’ birth, I think these are questions worth thinking about. I remember a moment in my earlier days as an evangelical Christian when … Continue reading

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If Jesus had been in marketing

And now (at the risk of blasphemy) for something completely different… Imagine the scene. Near Galilee, c.32AD. Meeting of Jesus and disciples, in an IKEA-furnished upper room. Jesus is speaking… Right everyone! Monday morning team meeting. Judas, have you printed … Continue reading

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The offence of the gospel, or just being offensive?

…Or, an appeal to be courteous in our dealings wherever possible. It’s a sad truism that Christians are not always known for their love, kindness and acceptance, but rather for their intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and even hate. One reason for … Continue reading

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Jesus is for losers – or why Christianity will never be cool

‘Jesus is for losers; I’m off about a hundred degrees’ Steve Taylor This Good Friday I somewhat reluctantly joined a ‘Walk of Witness’ organised by our local Churches Together group. Having not really intended to go at all, I nonetheless … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Insurrection

Have you heard the news? Apparently archaeologists have just discovered a new scroll dating to around 30AD, with a fragment of the end of Matthew’s gospel containing the words: “Verily I say unto you, I was only kidding…” Happy April … Continue reading

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