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Why Christian truth is messy

However carefully formulated, our written doctrines, theologies and moral codes don’t and can’t convey the fullness of Christian truth. That’s partly because words aren’t up to the job, as I said last time. But even more it’s because Christian truth … Continue reading

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Breathing new life into troublesome Christian ideas

Or, Rediscovering Christianity practically and symbolically… …or why I’m still fine to still call myself a sinner. These days, there are so many Christian terms that I feel ambivalent or uncertain about – sin, salvation, atonement, heaven, hell, Satan; God … Continue reading

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Knowing God vs knowing about God

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years writing about God, faith and spirituality. So it’s easy to kid myself that I’m a bit of an expert (albeit an amateur one, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms – … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God just save everyone? II: Arminianism and Universalism

So last time I was looking at the Calvinist idea that God could sovereignly choose to save or redeem everyone, but doesn’t, for whatever mysterious reason. I said that though this view has some scriptural backing, there are other Bible passages … Continue reading

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“I am” part II – the simplicity of God

Sorry if it all got a bit abstract last time – I get carried away with theology sometimes, which is dangerous for an amateur. 😉 So last time I said that God is both unknowable yet makes himself known; that … Continue reading

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“I am who I am” – Naming the unnameable God

So a small question for you – who is God? Last time we looked whether God might ever say “I am Charlie”. This time I’d like to look at an almost equally famous and maybe even slightly more important “I … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: Why did God become human? (part II)

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” John’s gospel “What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us?” Joan Osborne Last time I looked at some of the reasons why God may have chosen … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: why did God become human? (part I)

For me there are only two absolutely crucial miracles in Christianity, and they’re interlinked – the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Christ. In the first, God enters space-time and history and takes on our human nature, ‘humanising’ the deity. In … Continue reading

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Is Jesus the Messiah – and does it matter?

Last time I was asking whether Jesus was the Son of God. A slightly different question is whether he was also the Messiah (Hebrew Mašíaḥ) – or as translated into Greek, Khristós or Christ; literally ‘the anointed’. And the answer … Continue reading

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