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All together at the cross

Good Friday – Christ crucified. After nearly 2000 Good Fridays can there be anything fresh to say about the cross (and does there need to be)? One understanding of Good Friday is that on the cross, God – the Lord, … Continue reading

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Knowing God vs knowing about God

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years writing about God, faith and spirituality. So it’s easy to kid myself that I’m a bit of an expert (albeit an amateur one, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms – … Continue reading

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God is love, light and life

So reality, relationship and redemption are at the heart of what it’s all about for me. Another pleasingly alliterative way of expressing these interconnected ideas is light, life and love. They don’t map exactly, but broadly speaking light relates to … Continue reading

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Is anger wrong?

“You have heard it said, Do not murder… But I tell you, whoever is angry with a brother will be subject to judgement” (Matthew 5:21-22) In the last two posts I’ve been looking at the place of violence and rage … Continue reading

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Authenticity vs obedience?

Should we do good, serve God and love others as a duty because we owe it to God? Or should we only do it if we can do it gladly, authentically and ungrudgingly, out of genuine love and gratitude? Should … Continue reading

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Easter: the day the universe was rebooted, and humans became God

I said that Good Friday was the death of religion and the end of theology. It was, in a sense, the last day of the old order; the death of all that had been true and real and important till … Continue reading

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The first of Spring

Well, here in the northern hemisphere it’s the first day of Spring – meteorologically speaking, if not astronomically. (If you’re interested in the ins and outs of the technical definitions, here’s a blog post I wrote for work a few years … Continue reading

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On shutting out the light

I am the great sun, but you do not see me, I am your husband, but you turn away… (Charles Causley) Last time I was asking how we’d respond if the worst were to happen. Would we hate God forever? … Continue reading

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When the very worst happens

In recent posts I’ve been looking at questions around God’s leading and speaking, and God’s plans for our lives. But what happens when everything appears to have gone completely wrong, awry, off course? What are we to do when the … Continue reading

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