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Faith and the absence of God

Faith and the absence of God Is faith the magic quantity that prevents bad stuff from happening? Or is it the quality that enables us to survive and grow when bad stuff does happen? Is faith what guarantees us a … Continue reading

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Maundy Thursday: The longest night

Which is worse – physical or psychological pain? And which is worse, going through a time of intense suffering, or the anticipation of that suffering – knowing for certain that it’s going to happen and being powerless to escape it; … Continue reading

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Books: Chrysalis by Alan Jamieson

I’ve talked before of books like Godzone that I’d take to a desert island; Chrysalis is the book that I’d take to an actual desert. Or rather, to the metaphorical, spiritual desert – the faith wilderness, the dark night of … Continue reading

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Finding God in the rubbish

In this post I’ll be using words like ‘crap’ and ‘sh*t’ quite freely; I apologise if that offends, but it’s important to the point I’m trying to make. The sacrament of crap I’ve talked of life and the world as … Continue reading

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Walking in darkness – Reflections on Holy Saturday

It’s Holy Saturday as I write this paragraph, but by the time I publish it another Easter Day will have come and gone again. And life for most of us will probably continue in much the same way, with the … Continue reading

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Swearing at God

Yesterday evening I found myself trying out a novel style of praying, one which is unlikely to be found in the Alpha Course Prayer Manual. I was walking home across Blackheath, praying, and suddenly all my long-felt frustrations, hurts and … Continue reading

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