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Why doesn’t God magically sort out our problems?

Way back last time I was looking at miracles, and the problems both of being overly cynical about the miraculous or overly reliant on it. This follows on from a slightly different angle. First, a question. If you knew God … Continue reading

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Cynical about miracles?

A friend recently sent me a miraculous news story reported in Christianity Today magazine. It tells of a modern day Road to Damascus conversion, an Islamist leader hell-bent on killing Christians until his life was transformed by miraculous visions of … Continue reading

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New Wine 2013 – reflections on a charismatic conference

The last week of July perhaps somewhat surprisingly saw me and family in a large tent at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset, for the 25th annual New Wine conference (and I think the 9th I’ve been at). New … Continue reading

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Sceptical Innocence – how to avoid gullibility without becoming a cynic

On one level, I’m still a good charismatic Christian. I believe in miracles. I believe in healings, prophecies, tongues, ‘words of knowledge’, miraculous signs. I believe in answered prayer. Or at least I believe in the reality and possibility of … Continue reading

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Questioning Christmas – was Jesus really born of a virgin?

In the last ‘Questioning Christmas’ post I was looking at the differences between Matthew’s and Luke’s birth narratives. This time I’d like to look at one of the main miraculous elements of the story, which is also one of the … Continue reading

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How does God interact with the world?

My previous post ‘Does God intervene?’ sparked more of a response than I was expecting, so it seems worth staying with it a bit longer. The major issue seems to be, if God ever intervenes in the world, why not … Continue reading

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Does God intervene? (Deism, divine sovereignty and human freedom)

Responding to my recent ‘Letter to America’, one regular commenter pulled me up quite justifiably on setting too much store by human power. ‘Trust not in princes nor in mortal men…’ (Ps 146:2). Whatever the outcome of the US election, … Continue reading

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Future perfect vs. present imperfect (or two different kinds of real)

We live every day in the complex interplay and flux of two different realities, or kinds of reality. The first is the obvious, everyday here-and-now reality of this physical world; the ‘present imperfect’. It is this current realm in which … Continue reading

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Do you believe in miracles?

The other day a very good friend related a miracle story to me, told them by a friend at church who’d heard it from another. As I recall it, a teenage boy had been sectioned and was self-harming by scratching … Continue reading

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