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Christianity and Jihad – is there such a thing as a Just or Holy War?

A recent ‘Agnostics Anonymous’ opinion piece written in a Christian magazine argued that proselytising faiths such as Christianity and Islam have always relied on war and violence to spread their message. It’s a point worth thinking about – is there … Continue reading

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Incarnation and imagination – and a defence of Christmas carols

In my friend’s church, they apparently won’t sing any carols that mention snow or three kings or other non-biblical additions to the Nativity story. All their Christmas songs have to be scripturally and historically accurate. Now I see this as … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on final things

Hell as love’s absence or abuse Last time I looked at the hell of self, of utter social isolation or madness. We are fundamentally social beings; even the most introverted cannot survive entirely without human company. Paradoxically, deprived of others … Continue reading

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Animism vs Atheism

Johnm55 raised an interesting point in a comment on my recent post Reflections on Kenyan Christianity. I’d said that, in Kenya, “events and circumstances are freely and directly attributed to God or the devil”. John responded: “[this] made we wonder … Continue reading

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Humility, repentance and self-esteem

“You are descended from the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve, which is honour enough to lift the head of the humblest beggar and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest Emperor”. Well, something like that anyway. A … Continue reading

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