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Posts relating to universalism or universal salvation – the view (held by some Christians from Origen and Gregory of Nyssa onwards) that ultimately God will redeem all people. While not currently a mainstream evangelical view, a number of evangelicals have recently come out in favour of at least a hopeful universalism.

Why doesn’t God just save everyone? II: Arminianism and Universalism

So last time I was looking at the Calvinist idea that God could sovereignly choose to save or redeem everyone, but doesn’t, for whatever mysterious reason. I said that though this view has some scriptural backing, there are other Bible passages … Continue reading

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On shutting out the light

I am the great sun, but you do not see me, I am your husband, but you turn away… (Charles Causley) Last time I was asking how we’d respond if the worst were to happen. Would we hate God forever? … Continue reading

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Christianity and inclusivism – do all paths lead to God?

A friend of mine has a saying, ‘There are many mountains in the Himalayas and all of them point to God’. In my more evangelical days, this just used to annoy me and I wanted to respond ‘yes, but none … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on final things

Hell as love’s absence or abuse Last time I looked at the hell of self, of utter social isolation or madness. We are fundamentally social beings; even the most introverted cannot survive entirely without human company. Paradoxically, deprived of others … Continue reading

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Does anyone deserve hell?

When Osama bin Laden was killed, a man whose wife died in the 9/11 attacks expressed gladness that the person responsible for her murder was now suffering in hell for eternity. At the time I was horrified by this sentiment; … Continue reading

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Hope in Hell (is hell eternal, hopeless and punitive?)

I’m sure you’ve all seen those amusing cuttings from church bulletins, like ‘What is Hell like? Come and hear our new organ’. One thing I’m fairly sure hell isn’t like is the classic view held by most evangelicals (and many others). … Continue reading

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Rob Bell – Love Wins

Rob Bell was never a darling of the Ultra-Cons, but with Love Wins he’s fallen over the edge of their abyss, never to return. In this book Bell dares to explore and question the received biblical teaching on hell, what it might be and who might (and might not) go there, and to come up with some rather different ideas from the standard evangelical view. He also dares to question the received wisdom on how people get ‘saved’ and what this means anyway. Continue reading

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Jürgen Moltmann and universalism

And finally… notes from the fourth and last talk at the one-day Spurgeon’s conference on universalism, given by Spurgeon’s principal Nigel Wright: German Protestant theologian Jürgen Moltmann (born 1926) is a clear universalist. In his 1996 book The Coming of … Continue reading

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P.T. Forsyth and Thomas Torrance in relation to universal salvation

These are my notes on Graham Watts’s talk at the recent Spurgeon’s conference: In chapter 7 of The Evangelical Universalist, Robin Parry says that universalism offers greater theological coherence than the alternatives. This talk offers a challenge to that view. … Continue reading

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