Lord I want… (aka shameless vote-for-me plug)

Two things I sometimes do in my spare time are write the odd song (emphasis on odd), and lead worship (=charismatic jargon for choosing bunch of songs and then forcing congregation to repeat them till either they fall under the power of the Holy Spirit or their Sunday dinners burn to a crisp).

Occasionally I combine these two vices and write worship songs, with mixed results. I’ve written dozens, but have rarely had the guts (or meanness) to spring any of them on an actual congregation. And recently I’ve taken a break from it, as my current phase of theological uncertainty doesn’t lend itself to congregationally singable ditties. ‘Lord I’m not too sure what I believe and I’m a bit fed up with church and the Bible’ isn’t likely to top any worship charts, more’s the pity.

But nonetheless I’ve somewhat foolhardily entered one of my old songs, Lord I want to see you, in a worship song competition. Don’t ask me why – either out of sheer vanity, or just a need to humiliate myself. Perhaps both.

Let’s get the provisos out of the way. The song is very far from perfect. I wrote it 7-8 years ago when my theology was far more straightforwardly charismatic evangelical than it is today, and some of the lyrics now make me wince slightly. It’s also repetitive and frankly a bit childishly demanding: ‘Lord I want… Lord I want… Lord I want’. And then there’s the recording, which takes retro lo-fi cheesiness to a new level. Finally, my voice isn’t exactly Pavarotti, and I’m singing painfully flat in places.

Nonetheless, I’m throwing caution and dignity to the winds and submitting it for public scrutiny and judgement. And, being subject to the usual human flaws and foibles, I’d quite like it to get one or two votes, even if only sympathy ones.

So here’s my shameless plug. Vote for me! No, sorry, er, what I mean is, please have a listen and then cast your vote as the Lord leads you. So long as it’s for me. Me! Me!! Meee!!!!!! [Voice fades slowly as men in white coats drag me away.]

You can hear the song and vote here.

And for your delight and edification, here are the lyrics:

Lord I want to see you in the beauty of your holiness
Lord I long to meet you in the mansions of your praise
Lord I’ve come to seek you in the splendour of your righteousness
Oh may I dwell with you for all my days

Lord I want to know you in your birth, your incarnation
Learning how to walk as you walked for all your days
And Lord I need to know you in your death and resurrection
To follow in the footsteps of your ways

Lord I want to know you in your glorious ascension
Sharing in your suffering so my body may be raised
And Lord I long to know you in the power of your Spirit
Poured out on me now and always

So Lord I come before you in the temple of your worship
Your blood bids me to bow down at the throne of your grace
And Lord I dare to reach out, touch the hem of your garment
As the train of your robe fills this place.

Though I was more than a little tempted to enter my parody worship song ‘You’re so cuddly and fluffy, like a giant Easter bunny’.

Apologies for the ad break. Normal service will resume shortly…


About TheEvangelicalLiberal

Aka Harvey Edser. I'm a web editor, worship leader, wannabe writer, very amateur composer and highly unqualified armchair theologian. My heroes include C.S. Lewis and Homer Simpson.
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16 Responses to Lord I want… (aka shameless vote-for-me plug)

  1. Very much like the parody. I have come across folk who would enjoy singing it in all sincerity 😉 May I share it on my blog?


  2. Jenny Rayner says:

    LOVE THE SONG! (not sure about the singing!)


  3. theothedog says:

    I’m afraid I lack the relevant cultural awareness to judge the serious song, but the parody is quite sensational and deserves wide currency! I especially like the fact that, in the first verse, you’re half-wondering whether there’s some real spiritual profundity behind it all (I was even thinking at one point that it might have some practical value in Junior Church…), but that means that the – essentially wise and humane – knife gets wielded to even greater effect later on. It was a real spiritual jacuzzi for me, bro; and, as far as salad dressings are concerned, it’s right up there with honey and mustard.


    • Ah, thank you! I’ve long suspected that I’m considerably better at parody and lampoon than original and serious – it’s that latent subversive streak trying to get out. If ‘Horrible Histories’ were continuing (which I’m very sad it’s not), I’d love to write their songs.


      • Jenny Rayner says:

        So that explains the feeling of kindred-spiritness! I too have a latent subversive streak, which was remarked upon in a school report where I was described as “a subversive influence”. Think it was a reaction to an earlier report where at the age of 4 I was described as a very domineering child. If you can’t dominate, subvert!

        I have discovered this to be true as a woman in a New Frontiers church. I may not be in leadership, but I am allowed to be a (hopefully good) influence behind the scenes. And how!

        Sorry, I appear to have hijacked your blog. Getting back to the subject, I loved the parody and think that irony is a very useful tool in adressing important issues. Also, the singing was better!

        J x


    • Jenny Rayner says:

      I’m with you there, right to the honey and mustard!


  4. Terry says:

    I’ve got the chord chart and lyrics for the parody, Harvey. Shall I post them here? Also, I’ve your version of Psalm 88 set to ‘When the music fades’ – utter genius!


  5. smellofburntwiggle says:

    Sorry, bit of techie support needed here – trying to hear “Cuddly and Fluffy” and got as far as joining Soundcloud… but when I hit the play triange nothing happens… forgive hi-jacking of comments page for luddite-ness.


  6. smellofburntwiggle says:

    Ah, got there! Classic.. What’s the Psalm 88 thing Terry?


    • Terry says:

      A few years back, I dared Harvey to put Psalm 88 to music, as I was complaining that Psalm 88 seldom gets put to music. So Harvey obliged. Here are his lyrics:

      To the tune of “When the music fades”
      Verse 1:
      Lord, I’m in the pit
      In the darkest depths
      I’m drawing near the grave
      Your wrath lies heavily
      Overwhelming me
      My eyes are dim with grief

      I’m set apart with the dead
      Like the slain in the earth
      Whom you remember no more
      You’ve taken all of my friends
      I’m repulsive to them
      You’ve confined me O Lord:

      I’m crying out from the depths of darkness
      Why do you reject me,
      Why do you reject me, Jesus?
      I’m calling out to you every day Lord
      Why do you reject me,
      Why do you reject me, Jesus?

      Verse 2:
      King of mighty wrath
      You have broken me
      I am in despair
      Your wrath sweeps over me
      Terrors engulf me
      The darkness is my friend.


      • Terry says:

        And here’s the ‘cuddly and fluffy’ song with chords!

        D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7
        You’re so cuddly and fluffy, like a giant Easter bunny
        Em7 A D (Dmaj7)
        And your love is like a great big teddy bear
        D Dmaj7 Bm F#m
        You’re my mummy and my daddy, and you don’t mind when I am naughty
        Em7 A D C D
        I’m so glad that when I sin you just don’t care

        G A/G D D7
        Hold me in your loving cuddle, hug me Lord forever
        G A D C D
        Bless me with the nicest things you have
        G A/G F#m Bm
        My theology may be a muddle, but that doesn’t matter
        Em A D Asus4
        All that matters is it’s me, it’s me you love

        D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7
        So won’t you make me warm and cosy, like a spiritual Jacuzzi
        Em A D Dmaj7
        Don’t let pain or problems spoil my happiness
        D Dmaj7 Bm F#m
        Make me feel all nice and fuzzy, don’t let anything confuse me
        Em A D C D
        Shield me from this world ’cause ignorance is bliss

        G A/G D D7
        Treat me like a doting grandpa, smile at all my faults
        G A/G D C D
        Give me wealth and health, peace and prosperity
        G A/G F#m Bm
        Fill me with your fuzzy feelings, be my faithful friend
        Em A D Asus4
        And strike down anyone who isn’t nice to me

        D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7
        Lord anoint me with your blessing, pour it on like salad dressing
        Em A D Dmaj7
        Let no doubts disturb my faith’s security
        D Dmaj7 Bm F#m
        Won’t you pamper and indulge me, say you’ll never try to change me
        Em A D C D
        For you want dependence not maturity

        G A/G D D7
        La la la la la la la-la, la la la la Lord
        G A/G D C D
        La-la la, I love the way that you love me
        G A/G F#m Bm
        La la la la la la la la, la la la la Lord
        Em A D B7
        I’ll always love you if you’re always nice to me
        Em A D B7
        I’ll always love you if you’re always nice to me
        Em A D
        I’ll always love you if you’re always nice to me


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