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The Bible – the Good Book, or a very bad book?

Before we get to inerrancy and inspiration, I’d like to look at the worst stuff in the Bible and the terrible uses Scripture has sometimes been put to. From one viewpoint, the Bible is a deeply troublesome set of books … Continue reading

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Is the Bible sexist, and if so should we be too?

As a broad generalisation I’d say yes it is, and no of course we shouldn’t. And I’d then qualify the first by saying, it depends what you mean by the question. Obviously we can’t just make a blanket statement about … Continue reading

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Christianity and Masculinity

I’m sure many of you have now at least heard of the book A Year of Biblical Womanhood, the tongue-in-cheek record of US blogger Rachel Held Evans’ twelve months of rigid adherence to the Bible’s many rules and prescriptions for … Continue reading

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