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Religion = 2. Relationship and Redemption

So I was saying that the heart of true religion for me is the pursuit of reality. It seems to me that the world we experience bears the marks (however damaged and disguised) of reason, goodness, beauty and love. These … Continue reading

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Is Atheism the True Embrace of Reality?

Has anyone else read Paula Kirby’s recent pieces in The Hibernian Times, ‘Atheism is the True Embrace of Reality’ and the follow-up ‘Breaking out from the Prison of Religion’? If not, do have a read. A good atheist friend and … Continue reading

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Water and wine: alternatives to extremism

Moderate religion is good, right? It’s the alternative to fundamentalism and fanaticism and extremism and all those other nasty things that we reasonable, sophisticated modern (or post-modern) people wouldn’t be seen dead supporting. That’s certainly what I’ve thought for a … Continue reading

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