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Stages and streams of faith

Coping with our faith crises

One of the problems with the usual model of spiritual or religious development we’ve inherited is that it too often places the ‘spiritual crisis’ only in the past – ‘I was lost, now I’m found’. So we’re allowed the single … Continue reading

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An experience of divine absence

No, this isn’t a post about Brexit, though it does feel strangely appropriate under the circumstances. In the past I’ve written about an experience of grace, a time when I felt a deep and unexpected sense of God’s goodness towards … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God magically sort out our problems?

Way back last time I was looking at miracles, and the problems both of being overly cynical about the miraculous or overly reliant on it. This follows on from a slightly different angle. First, a question. If you knew God … Continue reading

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Why I gave up trying to save the world

And by ‘gave up’, I don’t mean ‘throwing in the towel’ so much as giving up a bad habit, an unhealthy addiction. For many years I tried my best to save the world and my friends – with limited success … Continue reading

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Should we accept reality or should we fight it?

…that is the question: whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? Hamlet God grant me the courage to … Continue reading

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Authenticity vs obedience?

Should we do good, serve God and love others as a duty because we owe it to God? Or should we only do it if we can do it gladly, authentically and ungrudgingly, out of genuine love and gratitude? Should … Continue reading

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Stages of faith – the flight-path of a relationship

One of this blog’s central, recurring ideas is that faith has a life cycle with recognisable phases or stages (an idea originally developed by James Fowler). It’s an idea that’s helped and supported me through the experience of my own … Continue reading

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The Successful Christian Life™ ?

So then brothers and sisters, are you feeling successful and victorious as a Christian? No? Well, you sure won’t get a lot of inspirational advice here. 😉 We in the modern west set a lot of store by success. Not … Continue reading

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Why (not) to go to church

Having recently introduced Pete Rollins to you all, I feel at complete liberty to pinch his ideas (not that that ever stopped me before). Expressed in Rollinsian terms, the idea of this post is: “Church is the one place where … Continue reading

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