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God bless Greenbelt

I’m really not a natural camper, so it takes something pretty amazing to persuade me to spend 3 nights under canvas, away from the comforts of home and forced to use frankly horrible toilets. This August bank holiday, that pretty … Continue reading

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Why Christian truth is messy

However carefully formulated, our written doctrines, theologies and moral codes don’t and can’t convey the fullness of Christian truth. That’s partly because words aren’t up to the job, as I said last time. But even more it’s because Christian truth … Continue reading

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Knowing God vs knowing about God

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years writing about God, faith and spirituality. So it’s easy to kid myself that I’m a bit of an expert (albeit an amateur one, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms – … Continue reading

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God is love, light and life

So reality, relationship and redemption are at the heart of what it’s all about for me. Another pleasingly alliterative way of expressing these interconnected ideas is light, life and love. They don’t map exactly, but broadly speaking light relates to … Continue reading

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Religion = Reality + Relationship + Redemption

So what’s the nub of religion (or faith, or spirituality) for you – what’s it all about? Is it  about religious observance and believing the right things, or leading a decent life, or getting to heaven and avoiding hell, saving … Continue reading

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Spiritual = Physical + Emotional + Relational + …

All of life is spiritual. Religious types (and I include myself) often have an unfortunate tendency to over-spiritualise certain things, and under-spiritualise others… Over-spiritualising Many of us are quick to imagine spiritual causes behind things that go wrong, or to … Continue reading

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What use is Christianity?

 “But what manner of use would it be ploughing through that blackness?” asked Drinian.   “Use?” replied Reepicheep. “Use, Captain? If by use you mean filling our bellies or our purses, I confess it will be of no use at all. … Continue reading

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The Successful Christian Life™ ?

So then brothers and sisters, are you feeling successful and victorious as a Christian? No? Well, you sure won’t get a lot of inspirational advice here. 😉 We in the modern west set a lot of store by success. Not … Continue reading

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Books: ‘How (not) to speak of God’, by Peter Rollins

I started this review over 3 years ago. Perhaps the length of time I’ve taken to complete it is an indication of how difficult it is to sum up this book in words… or perhaps it’s just a sign of … Continue reading

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