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Sola scriptura – is the Bible really all we need?

So we’re finally coming in to land in this series on the Bible. In this penultimate post I’d like to cover off a few remaining ideas and draw some of the strands together. Multiple perspectives Last time I mentioned that … Continue reading

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How do we know what true Christianity is?

or, Whose orthodoxy is the right one? There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether Islamic State militants are truly Islamic. They of course claim to be the true representatives of Islam, but mainstream Muslims argue that I.S. absolutely … Continue reading

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Uncertainties, and what to do with them

When I was a new Christian there were a lot of things I desperately wanted to know the answer to. And I thought that if I read lots of Christian books and listened to lots of sermons and talks, I’d … Continue reading

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Evangelical Truth vs Liberal Love?

So last time I was appealing for courtesy and kindness in our dealings with those who we disagree with, even those we see as our ‘enemies’. Even when nothing short of God’s Truth is at stake, we need to speak … Continue reading

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Right belief or renewed life? – Reclaiming orthodoxy from the orthodox

This picks up on some comments on the previous post, around the nature of orthodoxy. So this time within the vaguely Lenten framework I want to look at giving up orthodoxy – or rather letting go of an unhelpful misconception … Continue reading

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Stages of faith – Moving beyond easy answers

One of the foundational ideas for this blog is that of ‘stages of faith’ – the spiritual journey, or the life-cycle of faith. Part of this idea is that we gradually outgrow and move on from old ways and understandings … Continue reading

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Not against heresies – disagreeing with conservatives

Succumbing to a burst of vain curiosity the other day, I googled ‘evangelical liberal’ to see if this blog was anywhere to be found. As so often with the internet, I stumbled on something else that caught my attention instead: … Continue reading

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On the side of the heretics?

I might (appropriately enough) be committing grave heresy –  even blasphemy – in saying this, but I wonder if Christ has always been more on the side of the heretics and blasphemers than that of the Guardians of Orthodoxy, Correct … Continue reading

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Rob Bell – Love Wins

Rob Bell was never a darling of the Ultra-Cons, but with Love Wins he’s fallen over the edge of their abyss, never to return. In this book Bell dares to explore and question the received biblical teaching on hell, what it might be and who might (and might not) go there, and to come up with some rather different ideas from the standard evangelical view. He also dares to question the received wisdom on how people get ‘saved’ and what this means anyway. Continue reading

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