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Still Evangelical Liberal after all these years?

Astute longer-standing visitors to this blog may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent for a while. Up till the end of 2016 I was posting monthly (ish), and then Stuff Happened, and I only posted twice in 2017, … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Bible

Let us now rise and sing Hymn 2316 (to the tune of ‘Immortal, Invisible’): Inerrant, infallible, God’s word alone; Eternal, immutable, truth set in stone. The final authority, all we need hear; The source of theology, though not of beer. … Continue reading

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Re-habilitating (and recovering from) my own evangelicalism

Last time I was looking at some of the reasons why evangelicals get a bad press, often unjustly. I suggested that some dislike evangelicals because of their theology, their stance over certain issues, or because of feeling written off or looked … Continue reading

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Why do many people not like evangelicals?

Evangelicals are much nicer than people think If you bump into one then your heart shouldn’t really sink They’re really lovely guys Who just aren’t keen on compromise So change the subject if doctrinal issues should arise… Thus begins a … Continue reading

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Why imagination is great (and why many evangelicals don’t like it)

I’ve written before about the dichotomy between Truth and Love, and I suggested (perhaps unfairly) that Truth was a more evangelical concern, whereas liberals are perhaps more concerned with Love. And there’s a similar dichotomy between imagination and rationality, or … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God just save everyone? II: Arminianism and Universalism

So last time I was looking at the Calvinist idea that God could sovereignly choose to save or redeem everyone, but doesn’t, for whatever mysterious reason. I said that though this view has some scriptural backing, there are other Bible passages … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God just save everyone? (or does he?)

I talked last time about why I’d stopped trying so hard to ‘save’ everyone, or to impart to them a particular version of the gospel message about Jesus saving them from their sins. These next 2 posts follow on from this, but … Continue reading

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Why I gave up trying to save the world

And by ‘gave up’, I don’t mean ‘throwing in the towel’ so much as giving up a bad habit, an unhealthy addiction. For many years I tried my best to save the world and my friends – with limited success … Continue reading

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God bless you, Vicky Beeching

For those of you who are thinking ‘Vicky who?’ let me give some brief background. Vicky Beeching – acclaimed Christian singer-songwriter, worship leader, Oxbridge-qualified theologian, contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day programme. Currently in her mid-thirties, Vicky … Continue reading

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