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Covid questions – 1. Is it the end of the world?

Well, we’re certainly all living in interesting times, as the old proverbial curse has it. Who even a few short months ago in 2019 could have predicted the situation we’re currently living through? (Who a few short months ago had … Continue reading

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New Year – new hope or no hope?

Happy New-ish Year to you all. If Christmas is the most stressful season, New Year is surely the most depressing (particularly for natural pessimists like me). Once the celebratory fireworks have faded, the January skies look even blacker and bleaker … Continue reading

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Does God know the future?

This follows on from the last piece on whether God has a ‘perfect plan for our lives’. Part of how we answer that depends on another question – how much of the future does God know? How much has he … Continue reading

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The End of the World ISN’T Nigh…

Before getting back to the programme, please can I just set all your minds at rest. The world isn’t going to end this week. It really isn’t. I hereby give you my cast-iron guaranteed on-my-honour promise of that, and you … Continue reading

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Future perfect vs. present imperfect (or two different kinds of real)

We live every day in the complex interplay and flux of two different realities, or kinds of reality. The first is the obvious, everyday here-and-now reality of this physical world; the ‘present imperfect’. It is this current realm in which … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on final things

Hell as love’s absence or abuse Last time I looked at the hell of self, of utter social isolation or madness. We are fundamentally social beings; even the most introverted cannot survive entirely without human company. Paradoxically, deprived of others … Continue reading

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Easter – all’s well that ends well

Easter! The Great Sunrise, the first light of dawn after the longest and darkest night; the first day of spring after the bitterest and most barren winter. The world shines new on Easter morn, a world reborn and renewed. Easter … Continue reading

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Politics for dogs – DC, the EU and the NT

An occasional commenter on this blog is one Theo the Dog, a highly intelligent and theologically-minded hound who looks after a family in the English Midlands. I was talking to Theo’s human amanuensis back at Christmas, and he asked what … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it – Rapture and ridiculousness

Well, it looks like we’ve all been reprieved – Harold Camping has apparently announced that he was out in his calculations by 5 months. Better repent now while you have the chance, as I’ve no doubt he’ll be proved right … Continue reading

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